November 2007: We have recently been informed that a number of copies of our latest publication, “Fw 190D, Camouflage & Marking – Part II” have certain pages missing and / or repeated. While it appears to be a „one-off“ rather than a general problem due to circumstances beyond our control in the manufacturing of the book, we regret that the problem has occurred. Rest assured that we will replace your copy of Part II, free of charge, within the shortest possible timeframe.

Should you have obtained a copy with this specific problem (or any other for that matter), please file a complaint with your bookseller, or send the book directly to JaPo (port paid by us), clearly describing the problem, or marking the defective or missing pages (e.g., with „Post-It“ notes). We will replace your book immediately with a new copy – do not forget to include your full postal address!

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we thank our readers for their understanding.