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Focke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part I

Náhled obálkyFocke-Wulf Fw 190D – jeden z nejelegantnějších letounů na evropském nebi na konci druhé světové války. Podobně jako publikace „Messerschmitt Bf 109K, camouflage & marking“ se i tato zabývá podrobným popisem kamuflážních schémat a označování letounů.
První část přináší obecná pravidla aplikovaná při kamuflování a označování typu, detailně jsou popsány varianty zbarvení Fw 190D-9 a D-11 z produkce Focke-Wulfu.
Vše doplněno množstvím originálních dokumentů, černobílých i barevných fotografií, schemat a barevných bokorysů.
Vhodné zejména pro modeláře a příznivce letounu Fw 190.

Diskuzní fórumFocke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part I

3. 12. 2006, 1:37
FW190D Camo;a new benchmark?
od: Neil Patrick
I have just obtained vol.1 and wanted to echo the comments of those who have also posted favourable feedback. Over the years I've collected just about everything everything published on the subject of Luftwaffe camouflage and feel that this book sets a new standard. Whilst the subject is narrower than many other books which deal with camouflage and markings of more types, I feel it gives at least as much insight as many that seem at first glance to be more comprehensive.

I think several innovations mark out this work as setting a new standard. In particular I'd mention:

-the format of providing a detailed airframe by airframe analysis backed up by the available photos and superb artwork all grouped together for each aircraft

-the intelligent and painstaking analysis,interpretation and assembly of infomation from varied primary sources, i.e. surviving documents, photos, preserved aircraft and
wreckage material

-the new theories proposed providing a very plausible explanation for the various late war upper surface combinations of RLM 75,76,81,82,83 and blue green

-last but not least the long overdue tackling of the camouflage and markings of the aircarft which must be at or near the top of the list of favourites for most Luftwaffe enthusiasts

Gentlemen, I congratulate you on achieving a real masterpiece. I hope that you can give up your day jobs soon and spend all your time to produce more work like this!Needless to say I am eagerly anticipating volume 2.

Sincere best wishes for your future endeavours.
5. 12. 2006, 12:16
Re: FW190D Camo;a new benchmark?
od: Eric Larger   pro: Neil Patrick
Many Thanks Neil

We are very pleased to read this post.

It confirms our long time project was a needed one concerning the camouflage and markings on one precise aircraft.

We are now working hard on volume II , slightly more difficult to elaborate due to the several manufacturers covered.

We proceeded in the same way than volume I , and we hope you will like it too .

One more time many thnaks for your post.

Eric Larger

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