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Focke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part I

Náhled obálkyFocke-Wulf Fw 190D – jeden z nejelegantnějších letounů na evropském nebi na konci druhé světové války. Podobně jako publikace „Messerschmitt Bf 109K, camouflage & marking“ se i tato zabývá podrobným popisem kamuflážních schémat a označování letounů.
První část přináší obecná pravidla aplikovaná při kamuflování a označování typu, detailně jsou popsány varianty zbarvení Fw 190D-9 a D-11 z produkce Focke-Wulfu.
Vše doplněno množstvím originálních dokumentů, černobílých i barevných fotografií, schemat a barevných bokorysů.
Vhodné zejména pro modeláře a příznivce letounu Fw 190.

Diskuzní fórumFocke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part I

2. 3. 2006, 19:54
od: Walter Splitt
My compliments on an outstanding reference. When might part 2 be available?
2. 3. 2006, 20:32
Re: Outstanding!!!
od: Wolfgang Ollig   pro: Walter Splitt
I couldn't agree more!One of the best aircraft monographs about late war German types I have ever seen. The amount of original research is outstanding and the presentation is excellent - keep up your brilliant work! The obvious question is indeed: When can we hope to expect Part II (and possibly a Supplement/Part III as hinted in one review)?
2. 3. 2006, 21:05
Re: Outstanding!!!
od: Eric Larger   pro: Walter Splitt
Concerning part II

We are working on... :-)

I know this is not the answer you want to hear but , for the moment we cannot confirm when in 2006 it will be available .

Such a book takes time to elaborate and to finish , for achieving the level of quality and seriousness we want it to place. There are always questions coming up even in the latest moments .

Part III ?

We are concentrate on part II for the moment ...

Thanks for your poss


3. 3. 2006, 13:40
Re: Outstanding!!!
od: Ralph Zimmer   pro: Walter Splitt
Outstanding work: thats my impression too!

Is there any chance to see a comparable work on the Bf 109 - or any of it´s versions? (I recall reading something about a forthcoming publication on the Bf 109 G-6 in your work on the Bf 109 G-10.)


8. 3. 2006, 15:18
Re:Re: Outstanding!!!
od: Tomáš Poruba   pro: Ralph Zimmer
Dear Mr.Zimmer,
thank you very much for you kind words. To your question about Bf 109. I can confirm (for JaPo) we are working on some project about Bf 109 topic and a special chapters about camouflage will be there too. The project is large (like all Messerschmitt Bf 109 history) and it will take us some time. We can confirm, it will not concentrate only to camouflage, but to history of the type too.
Till an issuing of the project try to look to our previous project about Messerschmitt Bf 109K camouflage and marking and studies about different Messerschmitts Bf 109G/K from "Luftwaffe over Czech territory 1945" serie. I hope, you will find interesting information there too.

Warmest regards

Tomáš Poruba

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