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Focke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part I

Náhled obálkyFocke-Wulf Fw 190D – jeden z nejelegantnějších letounů na evropském nebi na konci druhé světové války. Podobně jako publikace „Messerschmitt Bf 109K, camouflage & marking“ se i tato zabývá podrobným popisem kamuflážních schémat a označování letounů.
První část přináší obecná pravidla aplikovaná při kamuflování a označování typu, detailně jsou popsány varianty zbarvení Fw 190D-9 a D-11 z produkce Focke-Wulfu.
Vše doplněno množstvím originálních dokumentů, černobílých i barevných fotografií, schemat a barevných bokorysů.
Vhodné zejména pro modeláře a příznivce letounu Fw 190.

Diskuzní fórumFocke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part I

30. 5. 2008, 5:02
Additional Fw 190 aircraft of I./EKG(J)?
od: MDriskill
One of my favorite aircraft of this book is w. nr. 211115 of I./EKG(J), "Red 18." Your research in identifying this machine's correct unit is superb! The text mentions that one other aircraft of this unit has been photographed, i.e. Fw 190A "Red 31."

I believe that photos of two other I./EKG(J) machines have been published, but not correctly labeled:

1. Gotterdammerung (Luftwaffe Wrecks and Relics), by Brett Green, Classic Publications 2006. P. 42 shows Fw 190A-9 "19." Author speculates number is red or blue, but does not identify unit. The pale fuselage band, gray tone and style of number, and unusual "moustache" marking appear identical to "Red 18." Entire tail, including w. nr., unfortunately is not visible. Spinner possibly red.

2. Jagdwaffe, Vol 5 Section 2 (War in the East), by Bergstrom and Pegg, Classic Publications 2005. P. 164 has large photo of Fw 190A-8 "17," w. nr. 170412. Author speculates markings are blue, but does not identify unit. Again, all details of fuselage markings appear identical to "Red 18." Spinner appears lighter than 70 and again may be red to match number. This is a very interesting machine with many obvious repairs and overpainting.
4. 6. 2008, 20:18
Re: Additional Fw 190 aircraft of I./EKG(J)?
od: Tomáš Poruba   pro: MDriskill
Good evening,

I have to say, you are absolutely right. Both planes from your message are very probably from a same unit, e.i. Erg. KG(J).
We plan to make a special study about the unit and to add it to a row of publications "Luftwaffe over Czech Territory 1945". More planes from the unit are known and its a short history is fascinating too.

Warmest regards

Tomáš Poruba
6. 6. 2008, 0:59
Re:Re: Additional Fw 190 aircraft of I./EKG(J)?
od: MDriskill   pro: Tomáš Poruba
Tomas, that is very exciting news! I own all of Luftwaffe Over Czech Territory series, so any additions to it will be very welcome indeed.

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