Messerschmitt Bf 109s of KG(J) 6

Cover previewThe difficulties connected with implementation of Me 262 into operational service especially the lack of experienced fighters resulted in a rare process of retraining pilots from disbanded Kampfgeschwaders to jet fighters. The end of the process – combat sorties of retrained pilots with Me 262s – is described in the title “Messerschmitt Me 262s of KG & KG(J) Units”.
This study covers historical background of Kampfgeshwaders transfer into Kampfgeschwader(J) units with focus on KG 6 and KG(J) 6 and its training in the area of Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren. The historical text part is followed by detailed analysis of 16 Bf 106G-6, G-10 and K-4 used by the unit.

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10. 1. 2018, 18:45
pages 122 and 140/144
from: Jörg Meincke
p. 122:
You wrote: "The plane in question carried 44361 (standart W.Nr. would by 490152 in the case), some doubts unfortunately remain." Which? The numbers are correct and the 490152 was one of the earliest Erla G-10 from October 1944.
P.140/144: You wrote: "There is no "exact" date a new model sized 690x190 mm was introduced, as the use of a particular component depend upon supplies from subcontractors. Should new, larger tyres are available, then they were attached. In case they were not, those at hand were used." I believe this is an long living, perpetueted misbelief. The first a/c's with the great bumps on the wings were delivered on the beginning of February 1945. I'd say it was independent from the available material ... it more depends from decision to produced from February/ March 1945 exclusivly the Ta 152 (besides an small bath of Bf 109K 4/R6 in April-June 1945). They got in February and March material for a lot of Ta 152 (the first wings too) but the had the stores with material for the former planned Bf109K-production. So all Bf 109 (some G-14 too) got the great tyres and bumps.

Best wishes
Jörg Meincke
10. 1. 2018, 18:58
Re: pages 122 and 140/144
from: Jörg meincke   to: Jörg Meincke
p.169: the position of Werknummer
The position changed in the end of December 1944/ beginning January 1945.
11. 1. 2018, 20:35
Re: pages 122 and 140/144
from: Tomáš Poruba   to: Jörg Meincke
Dear Mr. Meincke,
thank you very much for your notes.
To your note to p. 122: The doubts is about number 44361 on the machine, because is diffictult to read it. I agree, the 44361 (Erla) was 490152 (standart) series number.
To your note to p.40/144: thank you for the explanation. It could be true. I’ll concentrate to the idea in our next research.
To your note to p.169: Does any official document of Erla exist about the change, please?

Best regards
Tomáš Poruba
3. 5. 2018, 17:08
Re:Re: pages 122 and 140/144
from: Jörg Meincke   to: Tomáš Poruba
No, such an document I haven't ... but take all known Erla-G-10-pictures and the delivery date of this a/c's and you see that the machines with the number on the top of the fin were delivered to December 1944 and the machines with the number in the middle of the fin from January (this is independent from the batch - means: if you have an W.Nr. from a batch with top position with an position in the middle then this a/c was delivered later - after an repair from an accident, an air raid etc.). I discussed this in the former 109lair-forum with Ferdinando D'Amico and it fit perfect.

Best regards
Jörg Meincke

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