Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10/U4
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Cover previewThe second part of special serie “Luftwaffe over Czech territory 1945”. One of the main producers of Messerschmitt 109, Wiener Neustädter Flugzeugwerke and its branch plant Diana located in railway tunnels near Tišnov produced and delivered the famous fighter Bf 109 in G-10/U4 variant nearly until last days of WWII. The new title describes mentioned variant from technical point of view, it brings information about production system in Diana plant, about test flights in Protektorat area and about service by combat units including actions over Czech and Slovak territory. The text part is accompanied by photos and by color profiles of planes from ex-II./JG 51, II./JG 52, ex-I./JG 53, Hungarian 101.vadaszezred and Jagdstaffel ROA, 6 of them are described in detailed 4view drawings.

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15. 5. 2008, 9:23
Dual Production Plates
from: Michael Fuller
Hi guys,

I am confused by the reason for the 2 production plates. The second plate was to indicate "changes" or "upgrades" at time of production, but the book does not explain the types of chnages.

From what I recall, production was standard...yet some aircraft show 2 plates, some only one. So what "changes" could have possibly been done? Are we talking about upgrades done to damaged machines which had not yet left the hands of the manufacture?

Clarification would be great! :)


28. 5. 2008, 22:59
Re: Dual Production Plates
from: Tomáš Poruba   to: Michael Fuller
Dear Mike,

according our today´s knowledges the "second" plate showed modifications ("Anderungen") of airframe. Modifications came during a production and it was needed to noted them on airframe from a reason of possible reparation of plane (it had to be noted, the concrete airframe contents some modifications). The modifications were noted on the plate in a form of numbers only and every number (probably) meant some concrete modification. We don´t know a list of the modifications and numbers, unfortunately.
The modifications were mostly a construction, e.i. changes in a strenght of airframe, internal changes, etc. I think, they weren´t visible from outer view.
Due to, some plane wore the "second plate" some not.
Please, note, the special problem isn´t clear yet for me and I hope to get more information about it in a future.

Warmest regards

Tomáš Poruba

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