Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10/U4
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Cover previewThe second part of special serie “Luftwaffe over Czech territory 1945”. One of the main producers of Messerschmitt 109, Wiener Neustädter Flugzeugwerke and its branch plant Diana located in railway tunnels near Tišnov produced and delivered the famous fighter Bf 109 in G-10/U4 variant nearly until last days of WWII. The new title describes mentioned variant from technical point of view, it brings information about production system in Diana plant, about test flights in Protektorat area and about service by combat units including actions over Czech and Slovak territory. The text part is accompanied by photos and by color profiles of planes from ex-II./JG 51, II./JG 52, ex-I./JG 53, Hungarian 101.vadaszezred and Jagdstaffel ROA, 6 of them are described in detailed 4view drawings.

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9. 7. 2008, 10:18
W.Nr. 611984
from: Michael Fuller
Hi Guys,

I have an original main data tag from Me109G-19/U4 W.Nr. 611984. She was produced in Jan/Feb 1945 by WNF.

According to your book, 611983 was test flown on February 17, 1945...611990 was flown on February 25, 1945. Presumably, 611984 was test flown between those days...or possibly even damaged, not complete, or never made it to test flight.

Any thoughts if she was found at the factory after it was overrun in March/April? Possible JG52 assignment?


13. 7. 2008, 1:20
Re: W.Nr. 611984
from: Tomáš Poruba   to: Michael Fuller
Dear Mike,

again thank you for your message. Your presumption about a test flight is probably right, even if, planes hadn´t to be tested according their series numbers. But, I suppose the W.Nr. 611984 was tested in the second half of February at WNF facility.
The plane was the most probably sent to some unit on East Front, e.i. to II/JG 51, JG 52, I/JG 53 or Ung. 101. It isn´t possible to estimate it a closer, because all the units used the type.
But, till the time, we will get information about the excact plane, we can´t excluded other possibilities too. For example, according new documets we know now, W.Nr. 611987 served at NAG 14... So you can see, to make any estimation is very "danger"...


21. 7. 2008, 8:56
Re:Re: W.Nr. 611984
from: Michael Fuller   to: Tomáš Poruba
Ah perfect!

Thank you for your reply!

19. 10. 2008, 21:39
Re: W.Nr. 611984
from: Steve Sheflin   to: Michael Fuller

Do you have any information about where and by whom the ID tag for G-10/U4 611 984 was found?


Steve Sheflin
24. 10. 2008, 2:58
Re:Re: W.Nr. 611984
from: Mike Fuller   to: Steve Sheflin
Hi Steve,

Sadly, no.

All I know is it was in a HUGE batch of data plates removed by an RAF soldier in 1945/46. Amongst that batch was a data plate from Marseille's G2 (original), some original Ar234, Me262, Fw190D9 (W.Nr.211029), and various other Me109 and Fw190 main tags. I know the D9 tag was from a Stab/JG26 bird. The history is known somewhat, and there is a photo of her in JaPo's upcoming D-9 book with 3 US servicemen sitting on the top. She lies in the snow in Germany.

My suspicions is that the G-10/U4 was taken from a wreck in Czech., but...it was one of the last G-10's ever built it may have never left the factory (only test fight) as the factory was overrun shorty after.

25. 3. 2010, 23:37
Re:Re:Re: W.Nr. 611984
from: Robin Miles   to: Mike Fuller
I read your discussion regarding data plates. I am looking for an original data plate for an Fw190 A-8. Would anyone know where I might find one?

Thank you very much!

18. 9. 2013, 21:19
Re: W.Nr. 611984
from: Reg Sherren   to: Michael Fuller
Hi Michael,

My name is Reg Sherren. I am a journalist with CBC. I would like to speak with you about Franz Stigler. Please contact me at reg.sherren@cbc.ca


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