Luftwaffe Over Czech Territory 1945

Cover previewThe “Luftwaffe over Czech Territory 1945” differs by its historical scope from our standard line of monographic titles. The publication deals with Luftwaffe activity over Bohemia and Moravia area in the period January - May 1945, i.e. period when first line units operated in our area. The text part is completed by extensive annex of units and causalities tables and especially of approximately 500 photos.

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11. 4. 2007, 19:18
Will you reprint this book?
from: Chris Simmonds
Fantastic book, 2nd hand copies now cost £100's.

So will you reprint this book?

21. 5. 2009, 0:20
Re: Will you reprint this book?
from: Greg Meggs   to: Chris Simmonds
I also would like to know if and when a reprint of this title is planned
11. 6. 2009, 22:18
Re:Re: Will you reprint this book?
from: Tomáš Poruba   to: Greg Meggs

I have to dissapoint you, probably. We made a reprint of the title one and half year ago and now we don´t plan to make some next one. We can´t make it from point of view authors rights too. The title is simply "too" old...
As you know, we are continuing in a work on specialized studies about units/types/ airfields of the topic (Luftwaffe over Czech territory 1945) and maybe we will return to the "common" title in future. In the case, it will be a different one, because a lot of new information are avalable now.


Tomáš Poruba
4. 7. 2009, 16:53
Re:Re:Re: Will you reprint this book?
from: Walt   to: Tomáš Poruba
I really hope that you chasnge your position and re-print
this book for us who didn't have the oppertunity to obtain a copy when it was in print.
6. 11. 2022, 18:13
Re: … Re: Will you reprint this book?
from: Dan B   to: Walt
I agree with Walt here...

I am lucky enough to be an owner of an original copy - but a reprint, with errata included, and the same cover design as the rest of the series is presented in, would be very well received.

I'd even buy another copy!

17. 11. 2022, 9:56
Re: … Re: Will you reprint this book?
from: Tomáš Poruba   to: Dan B
Thanks for your words about the title, but I have to dissapoint you. A "problem" is, our today´s knowledges, new documents and information show a lot of inaccurancies in the old book. It had to be modfied a lot of...
We are trying to correct some of the problematic informaton by smaller specialied "red" studies (the last one about I./EKG(J)).
I understand, it would be fine to make some new "general overview" title.... Hmmm...., we will think about it. We have to consider our capacity, because several new studies are under process now.
Best regards
Tomáš Poruba

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