Luftwaffe Over Czech Territory 1945

Cover previewThe “Luftwaffe over Czech Territory 1945” differs by its historical scope from our standard line of monographic titles. The publication deals with Luftwaffe activity over Bohemia and Moravia area in the period January - May 1945, i.e. period when first line units operated in our area. The text part is completed by extensive annex of units and causalities tables and especially of approximately 500 photos.

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25. 8. 2008, 23:51
Bf 109 G-6 or G-14 coded Black 29+-
from: Milos Gazdic
Dear JaPo authors and Luftwaffe experts,

Before I raise a question of my interest I would like to thank you all for your hard work of providing me (and other enthusiasts who I am sure share my opinion) with some of the BEST aviation books if not the best ones! All of your books (and I have all dealing with 190s, 109s and 152) are just superb! Keep on with your great work and provide us with even more interesting books and in detail research about camouflage of these lovely flying "creatures" :)

Anyway, I've recently acquired a decal sheet produced by AeroMaster containing profile and decals for the Bf 109 G-6 Blue 29+-. After little search among my books and on two forums (LEMB and AWF) I have realized that given bird was wrongly portrayed in the above-mentioned decal sheet. In the search I have stumbled upon few a/c (at least three) with this recognizable type of camo scheme. Namely one of the aircraft is portrayed in your "Luftwaffe over Czech Territory" on page 233. There are two photos of it but one of them being of very bad quality.

I am wondering if you can share some kind of opinion regarding the camouflage of this particular aircraft?

Longer discussion is already held on previously mentioned LEMB forum: so I would kindly invite you to give your opinion or comment about the topic and especially Black 29+-'s camo. I hope it will not take too much of your time and distract you from writing 3rd part of my favorite book! (though short nosed 190s are much better looking birds than the long nosed ones!)

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Milos Gazdic aka Misko

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