Luftwaffe Over Czech Territory 1945

Cover previewThe “Luftwaffe over Czech Territory 1945” differs by its historical scope from our standard line of monographic titles. The publication deals with Luftwaffe activity over Bohemia and Moravia area in the period January - May 1945, i.e. period when first line units operated in our area. The text part is completed by extensive annex of units and causalities tables and especially of approximately 500 photos.

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23. 10. 2009, 13:32
Bf 110 7J+3E on page 155
from: Christian Kaettlitz
Dear Sirs,

on page 155 there are two photos of a Bf 110 with the registration 7J+3E. Unfortunately the "3E" part of its marking is barely legible in the book.

Do you have still access to the original print of the photo where this marking could be seen in a better way?

Kind regards,
Christian Kaettlitz
25. 10. 2009, 21:15
Re: Bf 110 7J+3E on page 155
from: Tomáš Poruba   to: Christian Kaettlitz
Dear Christian,

I agree, a print of the picutre isn´t enought. I enclose abetter scan, there the code is visible.www.japo.eu
I hope, it is fine for you.


Tomáš Poruba
25. 10. 2009, 21:53
Re:Re: Bf 110 7J+3E on page 155
from: Christian Kaettlitz   to: Tomáš Poruba
That absolutely fine by me. Many thanks Tomáš, great support!


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