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Cover previewThis monography extends JaPo “WWI line” by another Austro-Hungarian fighter. Phönix was serving both by K.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe and by K.u.k. Marine. The book covers history of development and operational service, all documented by technical drawings, photos and colour profiles.

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17. 3. 2006, 8:20
WWI military planes
from: Zsolt
What will be the scope of the next JAPO book in the area of WWI military planes?
22. 3. 2006, 13:14
Re: WWI military planes
from: Aleš Janda   to: Zsolt
There are 2 or 3 possible titles we have in consideration for next WWI title. We are making a short analysis of work and time consumption related to separate projects to create the order of titles. The result of this selection will be put at our web-page, anyway all possible titles for WWI line extension are very interesting (at least according to my opinion and I hope also for others).
24. 3. 2006, 9:09
Re:Re: WWI military planes
from: Zsolt   to: Aleš Janda
Thank you for the answer. I have a suggestion, a book on K.u.K. navy aviation. There has no been book written on this topic recently.
12. 9. 2006, 15:27
Re:Re:Re: WWI military planes
from: Ivo   to: Zsolt
Dear Zsolt,

there exists one book about K.u.k. navy aviation but it is only in german: Peter Schupita
This book has one "problem" that there we miss ca. 60% of the real actions done by naval aviation. But is is the only one available.
22. 9. 2006, 9:11
Re: … Re: WWI military planes
from: Zsolt   to: Ivo
Dear Ivo,

I know it, I tried to get it, but it is not available.

Die K.u.K. Seeflieger - Chronik und Dokumentation der österreichisch-ungarischen Marineluftwaffe 1911-1918

Publisher: Bernard & Graefe Verlag Koblenz
ISBN 3-7637-5426-1, 1983

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