Phönix D.I – D.III

Cover previewThis monography extends JaPo “WWI line” by another Austro-Hungarian fighter. Phönix was serving both by K.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe and by K.u.k. Marine. The book covers history of development and operational service, all documented by technical drawings, photos and colour profiles.

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29. 4. 2014, 22:10
Phönix reprint?
from: ParLow
Are you plannig to reprint the " Phönix D.I - D.III " ?
Please, please do! :-)
29. 12. 2014, 21:19
Re: Phönix reprint?
from: A.F. Van Nieuwenhuyse   to: ParLow
Please reprint the "Phonix D-I D-III I need it to complete my set
5. 6. 2019, 21:07
Re: Phönix reprint?
from: Jirka   to: ParLow
Také se přimlouvám za re-print, i Albatros


31. 1. 2021, 23:33
Re:Re: Phönix reprint?
from: Josef   to: Jirka
Bude reprint Albatrosu a Phoenixu?
19. 2. 2021, 19:35
Re:Re:Re: Phönix reprint?
from: Tomáš Poruba   to: Josef
Dobrý večer,
děkujeme za vyjádření zájmu, popřemýšlíme. Hlavně se ale do tématu 1. světové války chceme vrátit dalšími tituly. Pracuje se na nich.
T. Poruba
11. 6. 2024, 21:47
Re: … Re: Phönix reprint?
from: Christian    to: Tomáš Poruba
Yes, please do a reprint!

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