Focke-Wulf Fw 190D
camouflage & markings, Part II

Cover previewThe content of Part II follows the outline of Part I, with rules and detailed descriptions of colour patterns applied to Fw 190D-9s and D-13s built by the type’s licence manufacturers, i.e., the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weserflug (Arb. Roland), Mimetall Erfurt and Fieseler Kassel. Separate chapters are dedicated to the influence of repair work on the final appearance of aircraft, and the comparison of different Doras in single units at a specific time.
There is also a “bonus” chapter of a slightly different form, dealing with the detailed analysis of the development of the Fw 190D with Daimler-Benz DB 603 engines, including the Fw 190D-14 and D-15.
The book is fully documented with extracts from original documents, black & white, and colour photographs, as well as numerous colour schemes and colour profiles. It is completed with a comprehensive loss list of the entire Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weserflug, Mimetall Erfurt and Fieseler Kassel production.
Highly recommended for all students of WW II aerial warfare, Fw 190 fans, and modellers.

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12. 8. 2008, 17:59
Profile of 'Red 11 - 12.JG54'
from: Stephen Thoms
I have a question around this profile.

I've just purchased Volume II of this book and have the 'Red 11' profile sheet. I'm no expert, but it's my understanding that 12.JG54 was a component staffel of III Gruppe. Didn't this gruppe become IV/JG26 in February 1945, with 12 staffel renumbered to 16.JG26? I understand a new III/JG54 was raised for service on the Eastern Front, but never flew the D9 model?
Am I correct in thinking this profile of 'Red 11' should more properly be labelled as belonging to 16.JG26, as I believe Eelde airfield is in the West?

Thanks for your time


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