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Focke-Wulf Fw 190s of Jagdgeschwader 6 in WWII Final Operations

Jaroslav Farkaš, Aleš Janda, Tomáš Poruba

The next volume in the series of books on the Luftwaffe history over the Czech territory focuses on the final days of WWII and fighter JG 6. The unit based at airfields located in northern Bohemia participated in the defence of Berlin against Soviet armies. For the first time in our series we attempt to analyze in detail air operations of both parties day by day, while concentrating on missions flown by JG 6. The second part of the book offers information on unit’s equipment with a particular focus on the Fw 190A and D. Like in our earlier volumes, we also introduce several aircraft in detail, including their career and camouflage.
The text is accompanied by number of data tables, original documents and several maps.
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202422819822 a/cEnglishSoftbound

ISBN: 978-80-907049-8-5

Examples of machines analyzed in the publication

Fw 190A-9(/R11 ?), “Yellow 1”

Fw 190A-9(/R11 ?), “Yellow 1”, W.Nr. 980571, 3./JG 6, Reichenberg (Liberec)

Fw 190D-9, “Blue 6”

Fw 190D-9, “Blue 6”, ex-8./JG 6, Kummer (Hradčany)